Handmade Cards With Sympathy Messages

Sympathy card

Sometimes when sending a handmade card with your sympathy messages it is best to make a simple card design and have the appropriate colours and themes.This sympathy card idea is really easy to make and uses very few card making materials leaving your sympathy messages as the main focus of the card. Anyone can make […]


Sympathy Cards – Black And White Floral Design

Sympathy Card

Making sympathy cards can be difficult especially if the card is for someone special to you. When I am making a handmade sympathy card I generally keep the theme very simple. To make this sympathy card use a folding board and bone tool to fold a piece of black card. I have made this card […]


Sympathy Cards – Silhouette

Handmade Sympathy Card

Sympathy cards are sometimes very difficult to make especially if you are making them for a specific reason. I feel sympathy cards are best kept simple with clean lines, and not too many embellishments. I actually used a sample of wallpaper I had in my craft supplies for this particular card. The great thing about […]