Halloween Greeting Card

Halloween Card

This Halloween card is really simple and quick to make, it uses very few craft materials so this card design would be ideal for Halloween invitations for a party as it is also inexpensive to make. To begin making this Halloween card find a sheet of A4 black card in your card making supplies and […]


Make A Birthday Card With Flowers

make a birthday card

When you need to make a birthday card for someone and have run out of birthday card ideas or are simply pushed for time, this handmade card could be just what you are looking for, and you do not have to be an expert card maker to make it. This homemade birthday card is made […]


Happy Birthday Cup Cake Card

homemade card Idea

This happy birthday card is quite time consuming and takes a lot of patients but is really worth it in the end as you will have a lovely homemade card to give to someone. The cakes on this card have been carefully built up by rubber stamping an image over and over again onto several […]


Homemade Cards: Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Handmade Card

This homemade card ideas theme would be absolutely perfect for a little boy. If you need to make the card for a girl then simply change the blue colours for pink. Begin making this happy birthday card by folding an A4 piece of white card stock in half to create a C5 size card. Place […]


Happy Birthday Card For A Fisherman

Men's Birthday Card

This men’s birthday card idea is probably better suited for a man or young boy who enjoys fishing. That said, these days more and more woman are ditching the dolls, getting their hands dirty and enjoying these sorts of activities. The card is a DL shaped 10 x 21cm folded. I have used white card […]


Making a Handmade Card From Your Card Making Supplies

Love Card

This is a really pretty handmade card idea that uses up very little of your card making supplies. It is quite a small card which can be made bigger depending on the size of the scrapbook paper you have to hand. Because the square card is quite small it was a great opportunity to dig […]


Teddy Bear Homemade Card

This homemade card idea suits both the young and the older generation. You can also change the background paper to make the card relate more specifically to a male or a female. You will need to decide on the base colour of your card stock paper. In this instance I have used a green card […]


Mouse Handmade Card Idea

Mouse Birthday Card

This is a really cute little handmade card idea. It can be used for any occasion and suits a wide variety of ages. You could easily change the colour of the card and the ribbon so it is more feminine or in turn more masculine depending on whom you are giving the card to. I […]


Making Birthday Cards – Football Paper Nation Card

Making birthday cards is always enjoyable because you know it is going to make someone very happy and making birthday cards specifically with the recipient in mind is great because you can include their hobbies and pastimes into the theme of the card. This particular card is a really easy and fun card making idea […]


Happy Birthday Cards – 3D Butterflies

Birthday Card Idea

Making your own happy birthday cards is great way to spend some time and you can never have enough of them, as it always seems to be someone’s birthday. This card making idea has been made using butterfly scrapbook paper. I began by folding an A4 piece of card, folding each side of the card […]