Needlework Greeting Card

Adding your homemade topper

This greeting card idea was specifically made for someone who has a passion with sewing and needle work. The embellishments on the front of the card were actually buttons with the loops on the back carefully removed. If you wanted to make the same style card but change the theme this can be done really […]


Happy Birthday Card With Embellishments

Handmade greeting card

This happy birthday card is really designed for someone who enjoys cooking. It could easily be adapted to be a mother’s day card by changing the wording on the front. Begin making this greeting card by folding a sheet of cardstock in half leaving the attached edge along the top. Draw an apron shape onto […]


Pyramid Personalised Card

Card Making Ideas

Personalised cards are great greeting cards to send to people as they show that a lot of time and effort has been put into making it. This unusual card design is quite complicated to make but should still be in the range of most card makers. This pyramid box can be sent opened or flat. […]


Personalised Greeting Card For A Boy

Card Making Idea

Greeting cards for boys are usually quite easy to make and personalise. In most cases boys are into one thing or another and enjoy sport or a particular pastime, so it is easy to make a personal greeting card for them which depicts their own particular interest. This is a really fun homemade birthday card […]


Homemade Card Ideas For An Anniversary

Anniversary Card

One of the best things about making homemade cards for a hobby is you get to personalise your cards in any way you want and your card designs are unique. I am always being asked to come up with new romantic homemade card ideas for an anniversary. Here is a simple homemade card idea that […]


Flower Handmade Card Ideas

Love Card

I love handmade card ideas that are easy to make but look very professional. This handmade card was simple to create and suits most women as it has just a couple flowers and a ribbon on the front. You could also change the wording on the front of the card so the card could be […]


Fathers Day Cards

Fathers Day Card

Making fathers day cards is great fun and something you can get the children involved in doing. To begin making this handmade card I folded an A4 piece of card in half using a score board and bone tool. If you do not have these tools in your craft supplies then you can score down […]


Anna Griffin Handmade Card

A Birthday Card Idea

This handmade card is quite large. I used an A3 size piece of card stock which I folded in half. You can either score the card before folding or use a ruler and bone tool. I used a sheet of 12×12″ Anna Griffin scrapbook paper to make this card. You will also need a smaller […]