Snow Globe Christmas Greeting Card

Make your own Christmas card

This handmade Christmas greeting card is fun for both adults and children to make. Making your own Christmas cards is a wonderful thing to do and this particular handmade Christmas greeting card does not use expensive embellishments.  Begin making this handmade Christmas greeting card by selecting a piece of A4 white card from your card […]


Halloween Greeting Card

Halloween Card

This Halloween card is really simple and quick to make, it uses very few craft materials so this card design would be ideal for Halloween invitations for a party as it is also inexpensive to make. To begin making this Halloween card find a sheet of A4 black card in your card making supplies and […]


21st Birthday Card Idea

Card Making Idea

This 21st birthday card idea is for a girl who loves glitz and glamour. It is quite simple to make and a little bit different and you should be able to make this 21st birthday card from the bits and bonbs you already have in your card making supplies. I used plain white card stock […]


Handcrafted Card With A Surprise Message

Handcrafted Card

Handcrafted cards with hidden messages are ideal for sending to friends, or just a clever way to create a card with a bit of a difference. This card making idea would be a perfect way to send a card to a loved one, with a romantic card message hidden inside. Begin by cutting out a […]


Shaker Card For A Young Girl

Handmade Shaker Card For A Young Girl

This handmade shaker card is perfect for a little girl. You can easily personalise this card making idea by adding names and ages to the front of the card and even a personal message. The wonderful thing about card making is you can style and add what you like to your handmade cards making them […]


With Love Homemade Card

Homemade Dragon Card

This with love homemade card idea would suit many occasions including birthdays, Valentines Day and maybe even an anniversary.  This card has a fun theme and a card that children will love to make. Begin by folding a sheet of A4 red card stock in half using a bone tool to make the fold neat. […]


Happy Birthday Card With Embellishments

Handmade greeting card

This happy birthday card is really designed for someone who enjoys cooking. It could easily be adapted to be a mother’s day card by changing the wording on the front. Begin making this greeting card by folding a sheet of cardstock in half leaving the attached edge along the top. Draw an apron shape onto […]


Holiday Greeting Card

Handamde Greeting Card

This homemade card is suitable for any beach lover or someone who likes to relax and enjoy holidays by the sea. It has a nice 3d effect and can be easily made my any card maker. Find a sheet of white card stock in your card making supplies. Divide the card into three sections by […]