Photo Xmas Cards

If you are anything like me you will probably spend weeks or even months preparing all your handmade Christmas cards ready for the festive season.

However, if you have left it late and need a fast way to create your Christmas cards but still retain a personal touch I would strongly recommend you have a go at creating some photo Xmas cards.

Photo Xmas cards do not have to be produced digitally. By this I mean you do not have to send a photo to a company and have the card digitally mass produced and sent back to you. You can make these really easily yourself.

The first thing you should do is find a suitable photo. Depending on the time available you may decide to send different photo cards to separate people but if you need to make a few cards quickly I would stick with just the one picture.

You will need a computer but fear not, there is no need to purchase expensive software. If you only have basic computer programmes you can still create really effective photo Xmas cards using Paint or even Word.

Load up your chosen photo and either print direct onto the centre of your card or for an even more fancy effect you could create some background paper. You can achieve this look by placing the picture more than once all over the page.

You can then print your backing paper onto card or paper.

Photo Xmas cards are particularly handy if you are sending a card to a relative you don’t often see. It is a great way to send a picture of the family and keep them up to date with any new additions.

Of course there is no limitations on how you decide to decorate your photo Xmas cards. Now is a good time to have a dig around in all your paper craft supplies and use up all the bits and bobs you have left over.