New Home Aperture Card

new home card

This new home card is really pleasing to look at, has depth and is really cost effective to make as you can easily use up all your scraps of paper creating this very simple new home card. Begin this greeting card by creating a DL size shape (21cm X 9.9cm) from white card making card. On […]


New Home Card

new home handmade card

This new home card gives a 3d effect due to the curtains and window frame which sit prominent on the card. This new home card is not particularly difficult to make, but it is quite involved and intricate, so not the quickest greeting card to make. Begin making your new home card by folding an A4 sheet of white card in half. I […]


Retirement Or Leaving Card

handmade retirement card

Making a leaving card for someone you work with can be very rewarding as you can personalise the card and embellish it with items you know that person is interested in. The person I made this leaving card for enjoys wine. This retirement card focuses on a wine theme however you can adjust the theme by changing the […]


Graduation Card For A Male

Graduation card of a tuxedo

Here is a  handmade graduation card that is best suited for a boy or man. It has a really smart design for a card and perfect to congratulate someone on their graduation. Begin making this graduation card by folding an A4 sheet of white card-stock in half using a score board. The fold needs to […]


Graduation Congratulations Card

Graduation Card

This handmade graduation card is perfect for a male or female. It has a lot of space on the front for some fun embellishments, and your graduation message of congratulations can also be place on the front of the card. Begin making this graduation card by folding a sheet of A4 black card for card […]


Birthday Cards For Girls

birthday card for girls

This is one of my quick and easy birthday cards for girls. The theme is classic black and white. If you wanted to make it more colourful then simply stamp the images with different coloured inks. The card is for a party theme which could also be used as a party invite.   Fold an […]


Easter Cards To Make

handmade easter card

Looking for Easter cards to make? Then this Easter card is fun, bright and really simple to make. It is a good way to use up surplus scraps of scrapbook paper as the eggs in the front of the card are made from small pieces of paper stuck together to form the wrapper around each […]