Make A Birthday Card With Flowers

make a birthday card

When you need to make a birthday card for someone and have run out of birthday card ideas or are simply pushed for time, this handmade card could be just what you are looking for, and you do not have to be an expert card maker to make it. This homemade birthday card is made […]


Decoupage Dormouse Happy Birthday Card

Card Making Idea

This handmade, happy birthday card idea is really cute and would suit both a young or older woman. Begin by folding a sheet of A4 card stock in half. I have used a textured card stock which gives the card a really professional look. If you do not have any textured cardstock in your card […]


With Love Heart Card

homemade card

This happy birthday card can be adapted to suit any age group by changing the papers that are used. Furthermore simply by changing the happy birthday wording to Valentines Day it can easily be adapted to make a lovely Valentines Day homemade card Begin making this card idea by selecting a sheet of A4 card […]


Happy Birthday Cup Cake Card

homemade card Idea

This happy birthday card is quite time consuming and takes a lot of patients but is really worth it in the end as you will have a lovely homemade card to give to someone. The cakes on this card have been carefully built up by rubber stamping an image over and over again onto several […]


Happy Birthday Card Butterfly Stamp

happy birthday card

Card making enthusiasts will no doubt have rubber stamps in their card making supplies. Rubber stamps are a great way to create backgrounds and focal points for your homemade cards. For your card base you will need to select a piece of A4 black card stock and fold it in half. This creates a C5 […]


Homemade Card: Cupcake

A homemade card idea

Greeting cards with cupcakes really are the ‘In’ thing right now, and what better way to wish someone a happy birthday than to send them a scrummy cupcake themed homemade card. To make the cupcakes you will need a solid colour card and a patterned paper. I have used bazzill cardstock because it has texture. […]


Large Rose Happy Birthday Card

Making birthday cards is a particular favourite pastime for me. I made this rose card a happy birthday card although it would also be suitable for an anniversary or Valentines Day card, as the colours suggest it is sent with love. That said, you could easily change the colours to make it suit any occasion […]


Happy Birthday Card For A Working Lady

This happy birthday card is really simple to make and can easily be modified by changing the background colour. I have made this handmade card a birthday card however you could change the wording to suit a different occasion such as mothers day or perhaps a leaving card. The card is DL shaped. Begin by […]


A Happy Birthday Card For A Classy Lady

Happy Birthday Card

This handmade card idea would suit a woman of any age. It is a happy birthday card for the glitzy glamorous girls and ladies. I have made this card into a happy birthday card however by changing the wording on the front you could make it for practically any occasion. The card itself is DL […]