Card For A Girl

card for a girlThis card for a girl can be used for so many different occasions, wedding, birthday, prom, graduation card, the list goes on. This particular greeting card is simple, elegant and moderately easy to make so even if you are a novice card maker, you should be fine.

bone tool




To make this card for a girl:

Create a DL size card (210mm X 9.9mm) from white card-stock. You can either fold this by hand, or as I have done so here, use a bone tool and card folder.

dress embellishmentNext, cut the shape of a dress from black card then cover it with a light material so you can see the black card through it.

sequin flowerThen place a flower shaped sequin on the dress and place two strips of thin black ribbon behind it. You can use strong double sided tape to secure the ribbon and sequin in place or if you are feeling very crafty, you could also sew it in place. If you do not have any sequins in your craft supplies a black button will look just as good.

ribbonNext, place a strip of white organza ribbon down the folded edge of the card and tie a knot near the top.

handmade cardAttach the dress embellishment to the front using 3d foam pads so it stands out a little.

jewels on a handmade cardPlace some silver jewels in the right hand corner. The jewels are sometimes self adhesive, however a strong double sided tape will hold them in place.

with love wordingStamp the words ‘With Love’ onto a piece of card and attach it to the bottom using 3d foam.

card for a girlYou can easily change the wording on this card to suit a wedding or birthday and change the dress colour by cutting it from  different colour card.

This girl card is very simple to make for novice card makers, but still very elegant and stylish. It is perfect for many different occasions.

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