How To Make A Mothers Day Card

mothers day cardThis Mothers day card is perfect for a lady who loves her shoes. Also this Mothers day card has very little in the way of craft materials so will therefore be relatively inexpensive to make.

card for card makingBegin making your Mothers day card by folding an A4 sheet of black card for card making in half. With the folded edge on the left hand side draw a line with pencil 3cm from the right hand side from the top of the card to the bottom. Use decorative scissors to cut away the piece of card at the end.

Decorative scissors are a must for any card makers kit. By purchasing a set of different patterns you will be able to use different designs to suit each card you make. You can also use decorative scissors to make inserts for inside your greeting cards which look a lot more professional.

handmade card borderNext, find a sheet of red card and a sheet of embossed white card. If you do not have a sheet of embossed card you can emboss a plain sheet yourself using an embossing machine.

Cut a strip from the red and white card 3cm wide and the same length as the card you are making. Use the same decorative scissors to cut a decorative edge on each of the strips. Place the red card on top of the white embossed card using double sided tape to secure it in place and leaving 2cm of the white showing.

handmade card ideaPlace the the panel you have just created on the inside of the of the card on the right hand side. Use double sided tape to secure it in place.

red cardUsing the same red card cut a panel 11cm x 20cm with a scalpel and metal edge acrylic ruler. Place the panel on the front of the card using double sided tape.

embossed scrapbook paperThen, cut a panel of the white embossed card 9cm x 19cm using a scalpel or paper trimmer.  Place this on top of the red card using double sided tape to secure it in place.

decoupagePut together a shoe themed decoupage and mount it onto black card using decorative scissors to create a fancy edge. If you do not have a decoupage you could also use a shoe stamp to create your embellishment.

decoupagePlace the embellishment near the top of the mothers day card.

Mothers Day messageUse a Mothers day stamp to stamp your Mothers day messages onto a piece of the white embossed card. You could also print this using a computer so you can select the exact greetings for Mothers day words or phrase you wish to use.

Mothers Day messageMount the wording onto red then black card using double sided tape to hold it in place leaving a 1/2cm border of each color card.

How to make a mothers day cardTo finish of this Mothers day card place your Mothers day message at the bottom of the card and your done.


  1. rosie says

    love the colours of this card very striking.simple but very effective.thanks for the inspiration

  2. Christine says

    Thank you for your email on how to make the mothers day card, it was very nice and i am going to try it…i am only just getting into the card making and find the decouplage a bit wary, do you think you could send me an email on how to go about it.

    Regards Christine

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