Valentines Card

Valentines CardValentines cards have been around since the third century and have been a wonderful way of sending a loved one a card to let them know they are in your heart.

This Valentine card has a fresh modern look, and is a card design which is easy for beginners to card making.

 card for card makingBegin making this Valentine card by folding an A4 sheet of white card for card making  in half with the folded edge at the top of the card.

The best way to fold a piece of card is to use a card folder and bone tool, or by scoring a line using a scalpel and metal ruler.

 red card for card makingSelect a sheet of red card from your craft supplies and cut it to the size 18.5cm x 8.5cm. You can either use a paper trimmer of scalpel and ruler to do this.

 making a cardMount the red panel card onto gold mirror card leaving a small border around the edge.

 handmade greeting  card ideaFind a sheet of valentines themed patterned scrapbook paper in your craft supplies.  Here I have used a red and pink spotty paper. Cut the paper 18cm x8cm and place it inside the red card using double sided tape.

Place the mat and layered panel onto the bottom of the folded white card edging it to the right hand side and securing it in place using double sided tape.

 mat and layeringRepeat the mat and layering process using gold card 13.5cm x 10cm, Red card 13cm x 9.5cm and a different patterned scrapbook paper 12.5cm x 9cm.

 ribbon for a cardPlace a strip of grey or silver satin ribbon across the panel using an extra strong double sided tape to hold it in place. If you do not have grey or silver ribbon then have a look in your craft making supplies for something that will work well with the colours you have used.

It is always a good idea to tuck the ribbon around the corners of the panel as this looks a lot neater than cutting the ends as the ribbon may fray. You can secure the ends of the ribbon at the back of the card with tape as this will keep it in place and will not be seen from the front of your Valentine card.

 making a greeting cardPlace the panel with the ribbon on top of the previous panel as shown in the picture above. Use double sided tape to hold it in place.

 topper for a greeting cardTo make the large ‘Be Mine’ topper cut some gold mirror card 9.5cm x 11cm. Then place a piece of red card 9cm x 10.5cm on top of the gold using double sided tape. Cut a piece of grey card (to match the ribbon) 8.5cm x 10cm and place that on top of the red card.

 I have used some ready made shop purchased wording however you can use whatever you have in your craft supplies that fits the theme of your Valentines card to decorate the grey box.

   greetings cardPlace the topper onto the front of the card this time using 3d foam pads so it stands slightly proud of the card.

 embellishments for a greeting cardTo finish of your handmade Valentines card place a Valentines themed sticker in the top left corner of the card.

 Valentines CardYou should now have a very stylish and modern Valentines card that will win anyone over.


    • says

      Thank you Celine, I’m so glad you like my card ideas.

      I do try and make the step by step instructions as clear as I can as i hate trying to follow instructions that are not clear 😉

  1. Rhonda says

    Hello Vicki.
    I enjoy your cards, you have such great ideas, would it be possible to display A 21st Birthday card as I have a daughter turning 21 & would like to make her a special card from me. Thanks. Sincerly Rhonda.

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