Iris Folding Christmas Card

Iris folding greeting cardThis Christmas Greeting card has been made using the iris folding technique.

Iris folding originated in Holland and is a technique where folded strips of paper are used in such a way to form a card design or pattern.

card makingTo make this handmade Christmas greeting card you will need to select a sheet of A4 white card from your craft supplies and fold it in half.

 Open the card and lay it flat in front of you then cut a circle on the right hand side.

 I used a Sizzix circle cutter to make the circle however you could easily draw round something like a CD to create the circle.

 iris folding patternFind an iris fold template. You can easily purchase these from your local craft store or have a look online as there are plenty of free patterns you can print and use. You need to make sure the pattern is big enough to fit behind the circle you have just cut out.

 Cut strips of paper long enough to cover the pattern and fold each of them in half length ways. Follow the pattern numerically. Use tape at each end of the strip to hold it in place.

 iris fold card It is always a good idea to stick to a different patterned paper for each corner of the iris fold template.

 iris folding templateOnce all of the iris pattern has been filled place strips of tape over the entire pattern so that when you turn the iris fold over you can no longer see the tape.

iris folding handmade cardNext, place the pattern on the inside of the card so when you close the card you can see the iris design through the hole. You will need to use tape n the inside to hold it in place and will also have to cover the inside of the card to hide all fixings.

 how to iris foldYou can now decorate the rest of the card. Place a strip of Christmas themed paper down the left hand side of the card securing it in place with double sided tape.

 embellishment for a handmade cardPlace a row of baubles across the top of the card, if you do not have similar paper you can make your own from scraps of Christmas scrapbook paper cut into bauble shapes.

 organza ribbonUsing a length of organza ribbon (whichever colour matches your iris folding). Make a loop and tie a bow. Place the bow on the top of the bauble to look like the hanger for the bauble.

 Iris folding greeting cardIris folding is quite a simple technique once you get the hang of it and iris folding on greeting cards gives the card depth and a luxurious look and feel.


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