Needlework Greeting Card

Handmade Greeting CardThis greeting card idea was specifically made for someone who has a passion with sewing and needle work. The embellishments on the front of the card were actually buttons with the loops on the back carefully removed.

If you wanted to make the same style card but change the theme this can be done really simply by changing what embellishments or buttons are placed in the middle of the greeting card.

white hammered cardstock

To begin making this handmade greeting card first select a piece of A4 size white cardstock. I have used a hammered card as the card has a slight texture to it.

It is really down to your own choice what cardstock you use or what you have in your card making supplies.

You need to fold the card in half. I have used a bone tool and card folder to do this however a scalpel and metal edge ruler will work just as well. You need to take care when using a scalpel not to press to hard and cut through the card.

green cardstock

Here I have selected some green cardstock. You will need to cut the card slightly smaller than the front of the card. You can of course use any colour card you have or want you greeting card to be.

Using decorative edge scissors cut along the right side of the green card and secure it to the front of the card using double sided tape.

scrapbook paper

Luckily I had this piece of scrapbook paper in my craft supplies which gives the impression of different materials sewn together. This particular paper fits the theme of my needlework card perfectly.

If you do not have similar paper you could recreate this by finding several scraps of different paper and actually sewing them together using a needle and thread. Although this may be more time consuming this effect can be really attractive.

button embellishments

As I said previously the embellishments I have used on this greeting card idea are actually real buttons. Buttons are really cheap to purchase and there are so many different choices you will easily find something to suit the theme of your card.

You will need to use a pair of pliers to remove the loop on the back of the buttons or if you wanted to change how they are applied to the front of the card you may want to consider threading them on some ribbon instead.

mat and layer

As the buttons are the focal point of the card you need to mat and layer the buttons onto different pieces of card and backing paper. I have used the off cuts of card and paper that were left over from making the base of the card.

Some of the layers have been attached using double sided tape and some with 3d foam. It depends how far you require the embellishments to stand out.

Adding your homemade topper

The panel on the front maybe heavy due to the weight of the buttons so you will need to make sure it is secured properly so your greeting card does not bend or the panel falls off.

Handmade Greeting CardTo finish off your handmade greeting card have a rummage in your card making supplies and see what scraps of ribbon you have. Here I have used s light green ribbon to match the rest of the colours on the card.

I have simply tied a knot in each piece of ribbon, cut it quite small and attached it to the front of the card using large sticky dots.

This handmade greeting card is personalised for someone that loves sewing and needlework and I think is a great way to use buttons as embellishments.


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