Happy Birthday Cup Cake Card

happy birthday card This happy birthday card is quite time consuming and takes a lot of patients but is really worth it in the end as you will have a lovely homemade card to give to someone.

The cakes on this card have been carefully built up by rubber stamping an image over and over again onto several pieces of different colored card stock, then building up the image by cutting out each piece and sticking it together to create the cup cakes.

rubber stamping Begin making this homemade card by rubber stamping the image several times onto different pieces of card stock.

Use a black fast drying ink such as stazon ink.

cake stamps Cut out each part of the cake in different colours and place one on top of the other until the cake has been made up of different pieces of card. Repeat this process for each of the cakes. If you do not have cake stamps then you can use the same process on any images as long as you have four images that are related and roughly the same size.

Mount the cakes onto white card stock Mount the finished cakes onto white card stock using double sided tape and cut them into squares the same size using a scalpel and ruler.

Mount onto a large piece of pink card stock Mount all four squares onto a large piece of pink card stock leaving a border around the edge.

A4 pink check card stock Next find a sheet of A4 pink check card stock or a pink card stock that has some form of pattern on it. Fold this sheet in half so that it can be used as the base of the card.

Then find a strip of pink organza ribbon about a ΒΌ inch thick in your card making supplies. Place this down the folded edge of the card securing it in place on the inside. You can then tie small pieces of the organza ribbon to the length of ribbon that has just been placed on the card giving the illusion of lots of small bows.

happy birthday wording To personalise the card, print of the happy birthday wording and the name of the person the card is for. The great thing about printing is you can select the exact size and font you require as well as the colour. As you can see here I have made the wording pink to match the rest of the homemade card.

One of the many benefits of making homemade cards is you can personalise the wording with the recipients name or even a personal message to them.

Print this wording onto a square or rectangle of white card stock, preferably one with a slight texture such as hammered or a lignin card.

Cut the wording out using a scalpel and ruler

Mount the wording onto pink card stock Mount the wording onto the same pink card stock as used previous to mount the cake toppers onto.

homemade card IdeaPlace the panel containing the cup cakes at the top of the card and the wording at the bottom. I used double sided tape to secure these in place as the cakes already had 3d foam attached to them so already stood out enough.

This homemade card does take some time to make but I am sure you will agree it is a really fun card to make.


  1. Humaira says

    This card is so creative. I do so many making things like cards, gifts etc. I will make this card on my Mother’s birthday. I hope she likes it. Thanx Vikki!!!!!:)

  2. trinhdang says

    I really really like this idea, it’s so great. I love craft and I’ll make some for my friends. Thanks a lot :)

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