Valentines Day Card

Valentines Day CardThis valentine’s card has been designed using a scrapbook paper kit. The advantage of using a scrapbook kit is that the papers will already be chosen for you and will be colour coordinated.

The various colours and themes in a scrapbook or card making kit can be tailored for whatever type of handmade cards you are creating.

In this instance the scrapbook paper is perfect for a valentine’s card and is such beautiful paper that the card needs little or no other embellishments to finish it off.

Begin making this lovely Valentines Day card by folding a sheet of A4 black card stock in half.

Next, cut a square piece of red card stock using a scalpel and metal edge ruler. The red card stock needs to be just over half the width of the black card and cut so that it is smaller in diameter to allow for a border.

scrapbook paper on top of the red card stock

Place some patterned scrapbook paper on top f the red card stock leaving a small border around the edge.

Making a Valentines card

Place the panel on the right hand side of the black card. Use double sided tape to hold it in place.

red satin ribbon

Then place a piece of red satin ribbon folded in half across the card. You can use scotch tape to hold it in place as this will not been.

red patterned card stock

Cut a square of red patterned paper and mount this onto black card using double sided tape leaving approximately a ¼ inch border.

Valentines Day wording

Place your Valentines Day wording on the front of the panel using 3d foam pads.

using 3d foam pads

Finally place the entire panel on the front of the card again using 3d foam pads

valentines day card

You should now have a really simple to make valentines day card that I am sure will be warmly received by that special someone.

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