Card Making Ideas: Beach Scene

A happy birthday cardThis card making ideas beach scene would possibly best suit an older gentlemen. The pastel colours and simple design would evoke nostalgic memories of halcyon days spent by the seaside.
Furthermore as it is a beach scene the card mainly consist of the colour blue which would also make it more suited to for men.


To make this homemade card begin by selecting your background card stock. Make sure one sheet of card stock is a solid colour and one has a pattern to it as shown in the above photo.

distress ink

Use a blue distress ink pad and sponge to gently ink around the edge of the paper. This leaves the edges looking softer.

inking the edge of a card

When inking the edges always lift the card in one hand, and scrape the sponge along the card rather than attempting to ink the card when it is laying flat on your cutting mat.

scrapbook paper

Next fold a sheet of A4 card stock in half to create the correct size for this card. It is advisable to use a score board and bone tool so the fold is both neat and exact.

Place a larger piece of the blue plain paper at the top using double sided tape to hold it in place. You can then place the patterned paper at the bottom again using the same double sided tape to bind it to the front of the card.

blue ribbon

Find two pieces of blue ribbon with different shades in your card making supplies. Make sure one is thicker than the other. I have used a dark blue satin ribbon then placed a slightly thinner light blue gross grain ribbon on top of it.

Use double sided tape to attach one ribbon to the other.

Alternatively you may already have a blue patterned ribbon you can use instead.

Place the ribbon across the join

Place the ribbon across the join where the two different papers meet on the card using double sided tape to secure it in place.

Put together your beach scene 3d decoupage sheets using 3d foam pads taking care to cut out each layer neatly.

Mount the image onto scrapbook paper

Mount the image onto dark blue scrapbook paper leaving about a quarter of an inch border all the way around the image.

Using 3d foam

Using 3d foam, mount the image onto a lighter blue paper again leaving a slight border all the way around the image.

happy birthday wording

Print or stamp the happy birthday wording onto some white card.

happy birthday wording

Mount this onto the same papers as you did for the image. This time use the light blue first and then the dark blue.

a happy birthday card

Finally mount the image onto silver mirror card and place it above the ribbon using double sided tape.

Place the happy birthday wording underneath the ribbon, again using double sided tape to hold it in place.

For more ideas for card making please feel free to browse the categories on the site.

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