Homemade Card Ideas For An Anniversary

Anniversary Card One of the best things about making homemade cards for a hobby is you get to personalise your cards in any way you want and your card designs are unique.

I am always being asked to come up with new romantic homemade card ideas for an anniversary. Here is a simple homemade card idea that could just as easily be used as a simple love you card. You could even change it into a birthday greeting card or a valentine’s card for a loved one, by changing some of the wording to suit the event more appropriately.

red cardstockBegin by finding a piece of red card stock paper in your card making supplies and folding it in half. You will then need to cut it into a square leaving the left side edge the joined.

red cardstock cut into a square cardCut a ‘V’ shape out of the top front part of the card using a metal edge ruler and scalpel

rose paper on a handmade cardCover the front of the card with red rose paper if you have it, or something of an equally romantic nature. Use double sided tape or sticky dots to hold the paper in place.

You may be lucky enough to find a scrap of card stock paper in your card making supplies big enough to cover the front of the card so you do not have to cut up a full sheet of scrapbook paper.

white paper cut into a stripFind some paper that is plain or light in colour and cut a strip that fits across the bottom of the card.

red paper cut into a stripCut another piece slightly smaller red card and place it inside the lighter panel using double sided tape.

rose paper cut into a stripThen cut an even smaller strip of the patterned paper you used to cover the front of the card and place it on top of the red card. This time use 3d foam to make the panel stand out.

heart shapesDraw two heart shapes onto some paper and cut them out using really sharp scissors

ultra thick embossing powderDig out some clear ultra thick embossing enamel from your card making supplies, I use Ranger melt art ultra thick embossing enamel if you do not have this then you can also use any sort of 3d glaze.

ultra thick embossed heartsUse a clear ink pad ( I recommend VersaMark clear pigment inkpad ) and ink the hearts before sprinkling a layer of embossing powder onto them. Then use a heat gun to melt the granules. Repeat this as often as you wish until you are happy with the appearance of the hearts.

EmbellishmentsUse strong double sided tape to attach the hearts to the panel you have just made. Place them on the right hand side of the panel.

with love wordingEither print, use stickers or rub ons to apply the words with love to a piece of the same lighter coloured paper a previously used.

with love embellishmentUse double sided tape to attach this to the left hand side of the panel.

with love handmade cardPlace the finished panel across the bottom of the card using double sided tape.

Anniversary Card I then placed the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ at the top of the card on the red inside section. I recommend using ‘My Sentiments Exactly’ Anniversary rub ons You can of course use whatever wording, names or verses to make it more personal for the recipient of the card.

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