Sympathy Cards – Silhouette

Handmade Sympathy CardSympathy cards are sometimes very difficult to make especially if you are making them for a specific reason. I feel sympathy cards are best kept simple with clean lines, and not too many embellishments.

I actually used a sample of wallpaper I had in my craft supplies for this particular card. The great thing about wallpaper is it has a texture to it so it feels different to normal paper.

black card stockBecause the wallpaper was black and white I decided to use black card for this handmade card idea.

card making idea using wallpaperI cut the wallpaper slightly smaller than the black card. I made sure I selected a nice piece where there was a big flower.

ribbon I then placed a piece of black organza ribbon along the back of the wall paper so that when turned over I could then make a bow.

handmade cardsI placed a sticky dot behind the bow to hold it in place.

a bow on a handmade cardI then attached the wall paper to the front of the sympathy card. As this particular wallpaper has a slightly shiny feel to the back of it I found sticky dots worked the best at holding it in place.

anti static bagI wanted to add an appropriate sympathy card wording. I found a stamp that had the words ‘with sympathy’ on it.

I cut off a plain piece from what was left of the wallpaper and wiped an anti static bag across the surface. If you do not have an anti static bag in your craft supplies a small amount of talc will also do the trick. By wiping an anti static bag over the paper ensures that the embossing powder will only stick to the ink and not to any other area of the sympathy card.

black embossing powderAfter rubber stamping the sympathy messages I carefully poured black embossing powder onto the stamped words. Next just use a heat gun to emboss the sympathy card wording taking real care not to burn the wallpaper.

with sympathy wordingOnce embossed I mounted the sympathy card wording onto black card and then onto the front of the sympathy card.

sympathy homemade card ideaThis sympathy card has a really different feel to it because of the wallpaper that has been used. It is inexpensive to make and can be repeated using different wallpapers.


  1. Mallika Singh says

    It is just so amazing to see such lovely card making ideas which are really cool and at the same time very easy so thanks to the website for making it so easy access

  2. Nadine says

    So simple yet so effective. Love the black and white theme. Black and white suitable for any occasion and anyone. You dont have to buy a lot of colours for your paper stash hehe. Sometimes just one bit of colour really looks great too. so use the bits you have hanging around and cant bring yourself to throw away. Love it.

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