Thank You Card Using Acetate, Brads And Wooden Stamps

A Handmade Thank You CardHere I am going to show you how to make a simple thank you card using acetate, brads and wooden stamps.

Start off by scoring a DL size card using a bone tool and card folding board.

folding some card stock

paper trimmerThen use a paper trimmer or scalpel and metal edge ruler to remove the excess card.

inking a rubber stampSelect the rubber stamp you wish to use ensuring that it is not too big for the card. Here I have used flowers because flowers are normally a symbol of thanks and so are fitting for your thank you cards. I inked the rubber stamp with purple ink.

wood mounted rubber stampPress the stamp firmly onto a piece of white card. Use the palms of your hands to press down firmly.

embossing powderSprinkle clear embossing powder over your stamped image. I always recommend placing a piece of paper underneath so that any excess embossing powder can be saved and tipped back into the pot.

using a heat gunUse a heat gun to heat the embossing powder and create a raised image.

cutting out an embossed image using a scalpelUsing a metal edge ruler and scalpel cut the embossed image into a smaller piece.

ink on a rubber stampSelect your thank you card wording. In this case I have used a rubber stamp with the word ‘thank you’ on it. You may have a rubber stamp that has thank you card verses, thank you card poems or thank you card quotes on it that would work just as well.

I used the same ink pad to ink the ‘thank you’ stamp.

thank you rubber stampAnd once again pressed firmly onto some white card and used the same embossing powder and heat gun to emboss the words.

embossingBoth the flower and wording have then been cut out. Make sure that you do not make them too big as a DL size card does not have massive amounts of room.

embossed imagesI then mounted both images onto purple card using double sided tape.

mat and layeringAnd repeated the process of mat and layering onto white card.

stamped and embossed imagesThen again onto purple card using 3d foam.

purple bowI then had a rummage in my card making supplies and found some purple ribbon which I made into a bow.

thank you cardNow you can start putting the card together by attaching the flower image in the right hand corner using double sided tape.

a thank you cardPlace the thank you card wording underneath, and then use a sticky dot to secure the purple bow in place.

acetateThen cut a piece of flower printed acetate into a strip to go down the left hand side of the card.

bradsI used a pokey tool to make a hole in the acetate and the actual card.

purple brad on a thank you cardPlace a purple brad through the hole to secure the acetate in place. Acetate is transparent so glue and tape would be seen so it is best to use brads or eyelets to hold the acetate in place.

a thank you handmade cardThe design of this card is really simple and can be changed to suit just about any occasion whether you are making thank you cards or making birthday cards, by changing the wording you can easily make this card suit the occasion.


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