Make Your Own Birthday Cards – Whale Birthday Card

Happy Birthday CardThis happy birthday card was very enjoyable to make . I was lucky enough to have the exact card paper I needed, but as you will see you can easily incorporate other similar papers that have a whale or fish theme to make your own handmade birthday cards.

white card stockI began by folding an A4 Piece of white card stock in half to create the base of this handmade birthday card.

I drew a wave shape onto the front of the card which would later be cut out.

white card stock with blue waveBefore cutting out the white wave you will also need to cut a slightly smaller wave from blue card as shown here. You can then cut out the white wave slightly bigger so that it forms a white edge around the wave.

Making cardsOnce you have cut out both of the waves and stuck the blue card stock on you will be able to see the inside of the birthday card. You will then need to add some cloud patterned scrapbook paper to the inside of the card. I used double sided tape to attach the clouds scrapbook paper to the inside which gives the card an ‘out at sea’ feel.

scrapbook paper

I used this piece of scrapbook paper from my scrapbook supplies to decorate the front of the birthday card. You could use anything that has a whale or sea themed pattern.

scrapbook paper printsI then cut out all of the images I wanted to use for this birthday card with really good sharp scissors.

making a birthday cardThe whale was then placed on the wave. Because the scrapbooking paper was quite thin I placed the whale onto card before cutting it out to make it more solid.

card making idea

I arranged the other sea images randomly where I felt they looked best and attached them to the card using sticky dots that I had in my card making supplies.

happy birthday peel off stickers

When you make your own birthday cards you will obviously need to have the words happy birthday somewhere. Here I used a happy birthday peel off sticker to finish the card off. You could also use rub-ons, printed wording, or make the card more personal by adding a name or the age of the recipient.

Handmade Birthday CardIt is great fun to make your own birthday cards and as with all handmade cards they are unique and personal.  For more ideas on how to make your birthday cards feel free to look at some of the step by step guides on the site.


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