Christmas Card Ideas – Post box

Christmas card ideaIt is very rewarding to make your own Christmas cards and bring to life all of your best Christmas card ideas. However, I know what it is like to have card makers block and be sat there staring at your cutting board devoid of inspiration.

Therefore to help you out if you are stuck for good Christmas card ideas here is a post box Christmas card for you to make.

bone tool used to fold card

I began by using a folding board and bone tool to score a line so the card could be neatly folded in half.


folding a piece of card

Use the bone tool to flatten the folded edge neatly and to avoid creating any creases.

post box shape cut out of white card

Then draw  the shape of a post box and cut the shape out using sharp scissors. I am not the best drawer by a long shot, but this shape was quite easy to do. However if you do have trouble you could always go online and print off an image to draw around.

post box shape cut out of red card

Then cover the post box in red card. I used Brazil card because it has a slight texture so stops the image looking flat.

inking around the edge of a piece of card

Use a red ink pad to ink around the edge of the post box. This not only softens the edges but covers any white that is showing from the original card.

letter box drawn on a piece of card

Next open the card up and draw a letterbox on the inside of the card.

scalpel being used to cut card

Cut the shape of the letter box with a scalpel. It is really important when you are making handmade cards and using a scalpel to take extreme care.


You will  then need to use double sided tape to attach a small piece of acetate to the inside of the letterbox.

black frame added around the letter box of a post box card

Next, cut a piece of black card to make a frame around the letterbox making it look more realistic. I attached this to the front of the card using strong double sided tape.


As this was a Christmas card idea I wanted to give the effect of snow on the post box so I used ‘stickles’ to make lots of little dots all over the letter box.

snow effect on a handmade card.

If you do not have ‘stickles’ in your craft supplies you could always use glitter glue, cotton wool or anything else that looks like snow.

Father Christmas stamped onto white card

I then used a rubber stamp of Santa Claus which I embossed with black embossing powder. If you do not have a Santa Claus rubber stamp in your craft supplies any Christmas themed stamp will do.

Father Christmas Stamp

I used gel pens to colour the rubber stamped image. The gel pens had sparkles in them which gave the image a Christmas feel.

Father Christmas stamped image

Once the image had been totally coloured in I cut it out using scissors.

post box card

I placed my little Santa Claus in the corner of the post box. Ideally I would have liked the image to be bigger but that was the image I had at the time. I attached the stamped image using 3d foam.

handmade card ideas post box

To finish off this Christmas card idea I placed a large silver peel off across the post box.

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