Stamped Flower Card Making Idea

This handmade card is so simple and very cost effective to make. All you need is a large rubber stamp, a piece of A4 card, an ink pad and some 3D foam

To begin it is important NOT to fold the A4 card as you will need to rubber stamp the whole sheet.

Choose the colour ink you like and begin by inking the rubber stamp and randomly stamping the image all over the A4 sheet.

You then need to rubber stamp the image (depending on how many layers you want the decoupage to be) three times on a separate sheet of card so that you can decoupage the image

Cut a piece of card into a square that is a bit bigger than the rubber stamped image and use your ink pad to colour the card ( this will be used for matt and layering)

Cut the first stamped image into a square slightly smaller than the piece you have just inked to match. Then use 3D foam to attach the image to the coloured card.

Cut out the extra stamped images so you can decoupage, using 3D foam to attach these to the original image.

Fold your A4 card in half and then add your topper to the front. Finally use a large brad in the centre if you are using the image of a flower.

There you have it! A simple and elegant handmade card for any occasion.

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